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      Tongda Machinery
      About us
      Rugao tongda machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is from management, management, technology, production of hard working people have formed, is the domestic production of kneading machine one of the larger private enterprises. Specializing in the production of various types of kneading machine, users all over the country provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to countries and regions in the world. With variety complete, reliable quality and excellent service has won praise users at home and abroad. Tongda machinery to quality as the root, cling to quality management is not relax; Based on the kernel, focus on customer experience don't slack off. From the appearance to the quality, by inside and outside, and its excellent combination of inside and outside, inside out is the core of the company always adhere to the values.
      Rugao tongda machinery manufacturing co., LTD 
      Product advantage
      More than ten years committed to the custom of each type of kneading machine, production and maintenance, one-stop service mode. Tongda always adhere to the customer oriented, supported by advanced technique, with their feet on the ground as the basis, deeply trusted by customers, the business increase year by year. 
      Product display
      Product display
      Vacuum kneading machine
      Tester kneading machine
      Food kneading machine
      Other mechanical
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